2019(13th)China Automotive Lightweight Congress & Exhibition

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2019(13th)China Automotive Lightweight Congress Exhibition was successfully heldOn September 18th-21st, 2019, the (13th) Automotive Lightweight Congress Exhibition(ALCE) was successfully held in Ya ...

2019(13th)China Automotive Lightweight Congress & Exhibition was successfully held

On September 18th-21st, 2019, the (13th) Automotive Lightweight Congress &Exhibition(ALCE) was successfully held in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Which was sponsored by China Society of Automotive Engineers(China-SAE), Jiang Su Association for Science and Technology, China Auto Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance(CALA), Yangzhou Municipal People's Government. As an important platform for domestic and international automotive lightweight technology and industrial exchange and docking, this conference invited 5 academicians, more than 300 technical experts and more than 80 automobile companies from more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Britain and Japan. More than 400 materials and parts companies, 200 technical reports, and 100 exhibiting companies, a total of 1300-1400 people attended the conference.

The conference was hosted by Hou Fushen, deputy secretary-general of China-SAE, secretary-general of CALA. Zhang Jinhua, executive vice president and secretary-general of China-SAE and president of CALA, said in his speech that lightweight as a key common technology to support the transformation of the automotive industry is a common choice for domestic and foreign auto companies to meet the challenges of the energy environment. It is also the only way for the sustainable development of the automotive industry. The ALCE was successfully held for 13 sessions and has become an important platform for automotive lightweight technology exchange and experience sharing.

Hou Fushen, Deputy Secretary-General of China-SAE

Zhang Jinhua, Executive Vice President and Secretary-general of China-SAE

On Sep.18th, at the 7th China Lightweight Body Conference, 8 models participated in the exchange, including FAW Hongqi HS5, AEOLUS, SENOVA, ORA R1 of Great Wall Automobile, AIWAYS U5, FOTON M4, Geely commercial vehicle, Yutong commercial vehicle. The speech team analyzed the lightweight design concept, material system, forming process and cost control, performance evaluation and so on. A total of more than 600 people attended the conference.

On Sep.19th, the main venue of the conference invited two academicians and several experts to attend, who are from Argonne national laboratory, Mazda technical research institute, China institute of General Motors, Lotus Motors, FAW Research Institute. Experts shared the automotive light industry policy, technical route and lightweight implementation of technical means, evaluation methods and other content. The conference also conducted a special interview with the honorary chairman of China-SAE and several academicians.

On Sep.20th, the conference organized sub-session(10 sessions), and also established international conference of China, Japan and Germany for the first time. Sessions shared the lightweight experience and success stories on several hot issues, including new energy vehicles (including commercial vehicles) lightweight, steel, non-ferrous metals, fiber reinforced composite materials, lightweight design, advanced connection technology, numerical simulation and failure analysis, forming processes and equipment,etc.

During the meeting, the sponsor also organized 4 press conferences on lightweight new technologies and new products, 6 technical exchanges such as on delayed fracture of automotive steel, and 3 matchmaking meetings for lightweight technology, capital and market , which promoted the successful docking of more than 10 projects.

















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